Swoon: To Accompany Something Invisible exhibition review on Gothamist and Paper Magazine Exhibition Listing

Swoon's latest exhibition, Swoon: To Accompany Something Invisible, on display at Allouche Gallery beginning April 27th, was reviewed by the Arts and Entertainment Section of Gothamist's April 26th edition. The article describes her work as a growth and evolution in her career as she prepares for her upcoming retrospective exhibition at Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center.

Crystal Wagner, Hyperbolic in Lodz, Poland

Hyperbolic, a new large-scale installation by Crystal Wagner, in now on view in Lodz, Poland as part of UNIQA Art Lodz Project. The installation wraps around the facade of a 100 year old Art Nouveau building.  Wagner says of her work, “I am interested in the dialog between architecture and organic forms and structures found in nature.

Ron English Talks to Hypebeast

Ron English recently sat down with Hypebeast to discuss his ideas and influences behind his most recent exhibition, Ron English / Guernica, which opened September 23, 2016.  On why he chose Pablo Picasso's famous Guernica, English says, “If a piece of art exists for that long and it was that famous and people know what it is and it’s imbued with a certain narrative and a certain meaning, that meaning becomes like an automatic (sic) to whatever you’re saying.

Katrina Andry at the Atlanta Biennial

Katrina Andry's powerful work can currently be seen on view at the Atlanta Biennial at Atlanta Contemporary in Georgia through December 18, 2016. Atlanta Contemporary, one of the southeast's leading contemporary art centers, lauds the Atlanta Biennial as a platform for contemporay art emerging from, and impacting, the south. Participating artists in the exhibition, including Katrina Andry who was born and works in New Orleans, Louisiana, represent ten states from across the south.

Upcoming installations: Crystal Wagner

Crystal Wagner has been busy preparing for a series of installations to be unveiled in the next few months, as well as two commission works for the U.S. Embassy's permanent collection in their South American headquarters in Suriname. Below is a list of her upcoming projects:

Large Scale installation for Life is Beautiful, Art Headliner, Las Vegas, NV, September 2016 (click here for more information)

Crystal Wagner at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Now on view at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Paroxysm: A New Body of Work by Crystal Wagner. The exhibition features wall structures, as well as a site-specific installation, that explores form and structure both familiar and foreign in today's landscape. The site-specific installation, titled Spire, is a 40 foot high structure that reaches the museum's skylight system. The exhibition is on display through October 23, 2016.

FAILE at the Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art in Belgium

City Lights, the current exhibition at the Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art, or MIMA, in Brussels, Belgium, which opened on April 15, 2016, features work by five notable artists, including work by collaborative duo FAILE. The exhibition highlights the relationship between the artist’s aesthetic and their desire to communicate with their audience. FAILE's installation incorporates their iconographic prayer wheels and wood block paintings.

FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds at the Brooklyn Museum

On July 10, 2015 Faile will open their new exhibition, FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds, at the Brooklyn Museum, which will be on view through October 4, 2015. This major exhibition will feature paintings, sculptures and installations that speak to the collaborative duo's signature themes and iconography. Also on view, will be The Faile and Bast Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, as well as the FAILE Temple that was previously part of a public installation in Lisbon, Portugal.

Gaetano Pesce Review in Art Forum

The Gaetano Pesce exhibition that was held at Allouche Gallery from March 26-April 25, 2015 was reviewed in the in the summer 2015 edition of Art Forum.

Click here to read the complete article.

Mark Hogancamp Review in the New York Times

The Mark Hogancamp exhibition, which opened at Allouche Gallery on May 16th, was reviewed in the May 15th Weekend Arts Section of the New York Times.

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