Annunaki Study, 2012 , Marker on paper, 24 x 18 inches

As a breakdancer turned street artist, Doze Green is no stranger to the New York graffiti scene and takes many inspirations from the legends and aesthetics produced from its existence.Throughout his thirty year career, Doze Green has focused on abstracted figural subjects that are derived from his surroundings and influenced by what he feels to be the essence of his first home, New York, then later Brazil, a transition documented through his development of his own personal visual language and shift in style. At first focusing on capturing the energy of New York’s underground artistic culture, Green began working in a studio and developing his own “contemporary graffiti” on canvas. These days, Green’s work strives to mediate the aesthetics of urban art and classical archetypes with the legacies and mythologies of Afro-Caribbean culture through works that create colorful and kinetic scenes that harmonize anatomical creatures amongst metaphysical nature.

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