Untitled, 2015 , Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 inches

Enoc Perez's paintings often depict sensuous nudes, architecture and still lifes. His works bring to life his belief in the importance of aesthetics, beauty and pleasure in art. Perez's paintings embody a sense of nostalgia and the utopian ambitions and optimism in which the works were created. These sentiments echo his personal mantra: a deep belief in the art of painting. Inspired by artists who came before him that explored alternative techniques to mark-making, for years Perez mimicked the process of color printing by making preparatory drawings for each color he wanted in the final work. He then applied oil paint to the back of each sheet and pressed them onto the canvas to transfer the color. More recently, Perez has returned to the use of paintbrushes, stating that creating the work with brushes has been a renewing experience.

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