The Pinnacle, 2009 , Oil on board, 70 x 55 inches

Lori Earley renders hyper-realistic portaits of otherworldly women, caught somewhere between Victorian times and a mythical landscape. Earley's siganture subjects share long, sinuous necks and gaping eyes, their doll-like figures seemingly swallowing some source of intangible black magic. Intrigued by the unusal and occult, Earley's style also takes root in reality, stemming from her own personal battle with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects the collagen that holds the body together. The ailment causes Earley to feel elongated and stretchy in her own skin, an impression she translates onto the canvas through her spindly, lanky portraits. The artist's Baroque muses dwell somewhere betwee the real and the surreal, where beauty and pain overlap in the shadows.

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