Waiting 2020, 2021 , Aerosol paint, 104 x 79 inches

Born in South Korea, New York based artist Stickymonger transforms ordinary locations into dreamlike, eerie spaces boasting an amalgam of emotions conveyed through her large-eyed animation inspired female subjects. At any one time, the viewer can feel the tension between innocence and fear, and femininity and anxiety, exuded in her portraits. An early muralist employing the use of vinyl stickers meticulously placed together to convey the sense of images melting down the wall, Stickymonger has recently expanded her work to include other mediums, such as spray paint and acrylic. In her latest body of work, Stickymonger employs the use of various types of spray paint to create highly textured and emotive, surreliastic portraits of young girls. These characters act as self portraits of the artist navigating her way through these uncertain contemporary times, shifting moods and personal challenges.

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