Ashes to Access, 2022 , Oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches

New York born and based Thomas Sternglass attributes his outlook on life to his home city and its cultural diversity which has allowed him to soak up its many influences. Sternglass's use of oil paint on canvas takes narratives formerly used to depict religion and shapes it in order to explore our relationship with technology and figures caught between the past and the future, questioning their existence. These figures are labeled and bar-coded in an expansive stand in order to become whole with the inter-connected universe. Sternglass's paintings span references from Reniassance paintings to pop culture and advertising in order to address confusion in today's modern age. Surrounded by information and the upfront view of humanity, Sternglass is confronted daily with his own purpose, painting amidst 21st century decay, he pieces together his story.

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