Chito: Chrome Rain From Black Clouds

April 13, 2023May 5, 2023

Allouche Gallery, Los Angeles is pleased to present a solo show of works by Chito, with an opening reception on Thursday, April 13th from 6-9 pm.

Seattle-born and Mexico City-based, Chito has shown in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Mexico City, Paris, Milan, Seattle, Tokyo, London, and Seoul. Chrome Rain From Black Clouds marks Chito’s debut solo showing in Los Angeles. Allouche Gallery is thrilled to welcome Chito to the city with an active and diverse community of supporters. Vinyl and sketches will be included on the gallery walls, drawing attention to the physical process and the trail of thoughts that allow for Chito’s works to come to fruition. Staying true to his early practice, Chito will be doing a signing on textiles and luggage at Allouche Gallery on Saturday, April 15th. The traditional gallery experience becomes intimate and personal through transforming the space into an immersive world of Chito.

Chrome Rain From Black Clouds will comprise a diverse mixture of works on canvas, barbed wire, wood panel, and Japanese washi paper. Through this collection, Chito plays on the toughness and tenderness of the mediums, with the barbed wire pieces communicating an industrial harshness that juxtaposes the tender delicateness of the Japanese washi paper. Chito’s range of mediums and art practice has evolved through time on the road and in motion, with an interpersonal vulnerability and harsh exterior.

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