Desert of the Hyperreal

February 16, 2022March 11, 2022

Allouche Gallery Los Angeles is proud to Desert of the Hyperreal, a group show of 12 painters living and working in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and London. Their diverse and contrasting practices collapse the distance between the contemporary and ancient.  From Ben Noam’s salient rocks in Bouldering Flow, to Yung Jake’s cartoon trimmed self-portrait, layered familiarities blend and riot like waves. Jeanette Hayes De-Mooning series overlaps 20th century images from postwar and girl power America across from Leila Rahimi’s timeless, myth-teeming seascape. Images from nature represent a surrendered state of consciousness as it observes the tectonic 

clutter of human civilization. Anja Salonen’s ‘Mycelial Kiss’ shows what is impressive yet unseen to the impersonated eyes of those who surround us in Sang Woo Kim’s ‘Glances 001 & 002’ -their dialogue washing an undone heart. Tae Lee’s loose yet hypnotic scenes of spiritual repose contrast Sickid’s graphic milieu. However, an undeniable homecoming is ushered by them both.

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