Never Before After

June 9, 2022July 1, 2022

Los Angeles, California - Allouche Gallery Los Angeles to open solo show, Never Before After, by artist Nick Georgiou on June 9, 2022. This show will debut 22 works of discarded books, acrylic ink and paint on wood.

For two decades, Georgiou has explored the metamorphosis of discarded books and newspapers into art. Blurring the lines between sculpture and painting while infusing traditional techniques, his work mesmerizes viewers both digitally and in person.

Never Before After is Georgiou’s first solo show since the start of the pandemic. As with his previous exhibitions, the work is comprised of discarded dictionaries, gilded encyclopedias, textbooks, novels, journals, and anthologies that are cut, painted and meticulously arranged, resembling classic mosaics and sculptural wall reliefs.

The artist draws heavily from the urban desert landscape of Tucson, Arizona, where he has lived since 2009. All of the pieces were created there, in a historic Warehouse built in the 1800’s along the Union Pacific Railway Line.

Consumed by the concept of time and space under lockdown, Georgiou’s latest show is inspired by objects from his personal collection, including a 1920’s Royal typewriter, a vintage turquoise rotary phone, a grandfather clock – there’s even a 4.4 billion year old Stony-Iron Meteorite that he purchased at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show earlier this year.

Georgiou’s shape-shifting pieces transform the literary into figurative art, evoking a modern mythology. Never Before After continues this tradition, weaving the building blocks of matter in the form of the 4 elements and fusing them with human technology to yield an original creation story for the 21st Century.


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