SHEDDING: Sharon Stone

March 14, 2023April 7, 2023

Allouche Gallery, Los Angeles is honored to present the first gallery showing of Sharon Stone, opening on March 14, 2023, with a curated exhibition of Stone’s portfolio. Having led and partaken in a diverse range of creative projects - writing, producing, acting, and more, we now delve into the brushstrokes and colors that Sharon Stone activates on her canvases. Through these works, Sharon Stone’s originality and creativity exist in harmony, both elevating one another.

Stone’s paintings range from pensive figures to energized abstractions and meditative landscapes. One is easily immersed into Stone’s world with a feeling of nostalgia and of sentiments familiar, washing over while viewing her work. Her landscapes transport you to places familiar yet dreamy. Elements of abstraction flow into mystifying views of idyllic nature, seen through the repetition of ominous moons and the large, rough brushstrokes that evoke the texture of bark. In her figurative works there is a balance in her subject’s vulnerability and strength, each painting with a unique character. Within her abstractions, there is an undeniable intimacy linked to one’s thoughts and the waves and patterns they form. Pay attention as one’s eyes chase the painting with the same pace as thoughts fading in and out of one’s mind. A cathartic meditative experience begins to envelop one from their surroundings.

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