The Bast Papers

February 9, 2023March 19, 2023

Allouche Gallery is proud to present The Bast Papers, a celebration of, and tribute to, the works on paper by Michael “Bast” Polimeni. This exhibition follows Remembering Bast in June of 2022 which was a tribute to the late artist's works on canvas. The renowned Brooklyn-based street artist was known for satirizing popular culture though the use of mixed media - graffiti, screenprint, collage and stencils - to create work that is both virtuous and sardonic, pointed and critical without being morally righteous or overly reductive. Utilizing a vast array of imagery and materials, Bast equalizes both high and low art through his varying methods. As Banksy stated, “His art is fast and loose and cheap, which is strangely why it endures, it's punchy and it has value…The work isn't so much a 'melting pot' of culture as a food blender, set on max and left until the motor burns out…” The Bast Papers is a retrospective of the evolution of Bast's unique style ranging approximately from 2010 to 2018.

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