Hannah Yata, The Alchemy and The Ecstasy

March 23, 2023April 16, 2023

Allouche Gallery is proud to present The Alchemy and The Ecstasy by Hannah Yata. The exhibition showcases the artist's most extensive collection of artwork yet. Bursting with joy and surrealistic dreamscapes, Yata's works harmonize the human body, ritual and growth with all other living beings. Using alchemical and ancient symbols, her work portrays the transformation of the soul as it undergoes a metamorphosis through its encounters with light and darkness. Yata's female forms urge us to become initiated in their world and play in the realm of both the material and the spiritual. Thematically, and throughout her practice, Yata aims to merge the similarities between the subconscious and the challenges of the natural world, and how they correspond with attitudes towards the female body and the environment.

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