Hannah Yata, Daughters At The Edge of the Garden & Atanda Adebayo, Just Breathe

November 18, 2021December 12, 2021

Allouche Gallery is proud to present Hannah Yata Daughters at the Edge of the Garden and Atanda Adebayo Just Breathe.

In Daughters at the Edge of the Garden, Hannah Yata presents a new collection of paintings and drawings that build on the last few years of her body of work. Yata works with the techniques and materials of the old masters as evidenced in sudden bursts of inspiration captured in sketches and fully realized in paintings. Her psychedelic wonderlands are whimsical, simultaneously portaying scenes full of resonance and symbolism that create an atmosphere that is both playful and devouring. In this exhibition, Yata's “daughters” are forging their own stories witnessing a coming of age for women, spirituality and ecological revolution. The “garden” references the story of the creation and questions the reality or surreality of the stories that shape our world. Her figures inspire the viewer to see the world through new eyes.

In Just Breathe, Atanda Adebayo presents a new body of work availing a point of therapy for the artist. As the world has undergone a shared experience amidst the covid 19 pandemic, anxiety has contrasted shared love and other personal experiences during this trying time. Adebayo's paintings are an avenue for the artist to ease his tenstions and cordially invite the viewer to join him in just breathing. He states: “I cherish every bit of it as we continue to hold onto hope and love whilst the world returns to normal.” In this collection, Adebayo employed the use of friends, lovers and other acquaintances he connected with online during the lockdown to inspire his work.

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