Michael Reeder, Pushing Up Daisies

November 10, 2022December 12, 2022

Allouche Gallery is proud to present Michael Reeder's first solo exhibition with the gallery, Pushing Up Daisies. The exhibition features a new body of work focusing on the duality between life and death and what lies beyond. Known for his recurring theme of the human skull, Reeder imagines the human form in unique compositions. Reeder juxtaposes life on earth and beyond; he states: “Both are undeniably opposite, with one unable to exist without the other…I find the consideration of both beautiful and eerie, and my work seeks to harness and portray the notion of duality.” The multi-media collection will feature the artist's first physically painted generative Cyber Bandit (based on his Cyber Bandit NFT project which generated 5,000 unique characters of the same name), six works featuring painted background layers that were scanned and directly used as traits in the NFT project, as well as unique works from his Deadman and Reaper series on wood panel and paper.

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