IR 38-9, 2013 , Acrylic on canvas, 63 x 79 inches

New York based artist Stanley Casselman rose to fame by answering art critic Jerry Saltz's call for a knock-off Gerhard Richter painting. Employing a 10 foot squeegee to create his abstract paintings manipulated by blending and subtracting layers of paint with various tools, Casselman's canvases evoked the sublime raw energy of color. Casselman's work was hailed by Saltz, and since then, his oeuvre has grown, devoting his work to the idea that color, line and form have the ability to change cognizance. The complicated weaving of our physical reality is often the undercurrent of his work. Today, Casselman uses a flat bar spreader to apply multiple layers of paint, juxtaposing randomness and control in his technique - angle, pressure and volume of paint informs the “pull” that delivers the final vibration of the painting's surface.

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